5 Easy Ways To Prepare For Your Self-Storage Unit In New Jersey

5 Easy Ways To Prepare For Your Self-Storage Unit In New Jersey

5 Easy Ways To Prepare For Your Self-Storage Unit In New Jersey 

We want you to think about storage without any stress or worry. Whether you are new to New Jersey or already a tri-state area resident, deciding to get a storage unit is not something to take lightly. Let us help you plan for a smooth transition to your storage unit. We have five reasons why getting a self-storage unit in New Jersey does not have to be complicated.


Sort Your Belongings Early

Jumpstart your process by going through your items at home before you bring them to your storage unit. That way, you can determine what to get rid of, store, or donate without having to bring them to your unit. We can provide you with a storage unit perfect for your needs for anything you want to be secured safely.


Take Inventory

While you are going through your belongings, the best thing to do is take inventory of what you currently have. It is a great way to keep track of things and prevent them from getting lost in the process. Be sure to take note of what is going to storage so that you can arrange things efficiently and access them conveniently in your unit.


Get Supplies

If you are moving, you probably already have boxes, tape, and markers on hand. If not, these are great supplies to have as you pack up your things. Lucky for you, if you book a unit at StorageBlue, we sell supplies at our facilities, or you can even order them online!


Label Your Boxes

We are all about using stickies, sharpies, or whatever you need to keep yourself organized. For example, labeling your boxes by room is a beneficial method to pack, especially when taking things out of storage. That way, you know exactly where things need to go in your home, dorm, or office.


Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute

We understand it can be effortless to procrastinate the moving process. After all, it can be a long-drawn-out process depending on how much you have, and if you pack little by little, it can help prevent you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The more you do ahead of time, the more it will pay off in the end.


This should help you feel more encouraged about putting your belongings in your New Jersey storage unit. Check out our website and learn more about our storage facilities in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Newark, and Garfield. Each of them is located in significant areas and offers various size storage units.


At StorageBlue, we do what we can to allow for an easy moving process into one of our New Jersey facilities. Our friendly and helpful staff on site will greet you with a smile and be there for you every step of the way. If you are looking for a reliable storage company, contact us today!

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