Benefits To Downsizing Your Home – Cheap Self Storage Garfield

Benefits To Downsizing Your Home - Cheap Self Storage Garfield

Benefits To Downsizing Your Home

I am sure you heard the term less is more. It can apply to anything, even your home. While you hear about people moving into bigger homes, a lot of people also downsize and trade in their space for something quainter. Depending on your lifestyle, downsizing could make a huge difference in your space at home.

Are you parents who are now empty nesters? Have you decided having an extra guest room isn’t necessary? Then downsizing can be one of the best decisions for you. Not only will you have a different outlook on your space, but you’ll also cut back on your monthly expenses. If the thought of losing space scares you then that is when a storage unit comes in handy.

If you still need some convincing about downsizing, then keep reading. We’re here to help you understand all the benefits that come with downsizing your home and opting for an affordable storage unit.


Less Clutter

Having less space will really force you to prioritize your belongings. If you are planning to have less space then you have to have a plan for the stuff that may not fit. As you move, getting a self-storage unit will allow these items to have a new home. And think about it, the cost of storage is probably still less than the costs you were paying in monthly bills.


Donate to Others

It is always nice to give back to charity. For any items that you do not plan on sending to storage, consider sending them to a location charity or GoodWill location. You would be surprised how many things you have that are in great condition but are not being used. Things from furniture, books, clothes, and gently used toys can all be donated if they are in good condition.


Create A New Space

You are the creative director of your life! It is up to you to look around and decide what you need and want. As you move things into your new space, think about things more intentionally. Creating a space that suits your more minimalist lifestyle is important so that you do not get back to old unorganized habits.


Lower Energy Use

A smaller space will be more environmentally efficient. You will use less electricity which will result in a lower energy bill. And what does a lower bill lead to? Saving money! The less space you have, the more you save on heating and lighting.
Moving can be a big task and we know it is not a decision that is made overnight. However, know that if you do decide downsizing is a good choice for you, we are happy to provide you with the perfect self-storage unit for your needs.

Downsizing with a storage unit is a great backup plan. You’ll spend less time worrying about your space and appreciate your home. Knowing you have a storage unit will give you peace of mind and allow you to create the space you deserve. No more having to hide piles and stress about running out of space at home. Besides, even if you decide to get a larger home in the future, you’ll always have the storage unit there just in case.

If you live in New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey, and decided to downsize then come storage your belongings at StorageBlue. We’re proud to offer the cheapest self-storage in Jersey City, Newark, Union City, Garfield, and Hoboken for anyone in need. We understand a huge part of downsizing is being able to save money and we can help you with that. Our affordable storage facilities have all the features you’ll need at a great price.

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