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Being A First Time Homeowner In New Jersey
Being A First Time Homeowner In New Jersey

So you finally got tired of apartment living and decided to save up for your first home. Congratulations – that is a huge accomplishment! New Jersey is full of beautiful homes and if you are not from the area, your mind is probably running a mile a minute thinking about all the things that must get done before moving day.

We can help you worry less and focus on moving into the home of your dreams. Check out our top tips on how to get prepared for moving into your new home.

Start With The Basics

There are so many little things to get done during a big move. Starting with the basics can help relieve a lot of stress. Some of the basics include changing your address at the post office, booking movers, and doing research on your new neighborhood.

Take Care Of Your Chores

Buying a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Besides cleaning out your old home, you will have to be prepared to take care of things in your new home like tending to the lawn and doing a deep clean.

Hire Help

If you have some room in your budget to hire help, that is something you should definitely consider. Leave your heavy lifting to a good full-service moving company. Based on your budget, there are various other services that they include that will save you time and energy. 

Only Bring What You Love

Do not feel obligated to bring everything from your old home. If you do not use it or think you can live without it, leave it behind! Consider investing in new furniture that you love and see yourself growing with.  

Once you have decided on what to bring, there may be some things you are not quite ready to get rid of. That is the perfect reason to book a storage unit with us. Give us a call and we can help store your items at one of our facilities. 

Moving Into Your Home During The Winter
Moving Into Your Home During The Winter

Moving Into Your Home During The Winter

Most people are typically more overwhelmed by the idea of moving rather than excited. While a lot of moves take place during the summer, there are still people who opt to move during the winter months. If you happen to live in the tri-state area, then you know how the winter can be unpredictable when it comes to the frigid temperatures and snow. Especially recently, we have been slammed with snow storms so if you are moving during the winter, then you will want to keep reading!

Plan Ahead

We always mention the importance of planning, but during the winter months, you really will want to make sure you explore all your options. Think about the fact that it gets darker earlier so you may want to start your move earlier in the day. Also, make sure you check the weather to have an idea of what to expect on the big day. 

Stay Organized 

This is great advice regardless of what season you are moving in, but it does not hurt to make sure you have a checklist. Make note of what valuables you are moving and make sure you keep track of them. It is also helpful to make sure your boxes are labeled so that once the movers arrive, everything can go smoothly.

Protect Everyone And Your Home

The colder it gets, the more likely you are to experience snow, ice, and slippery conditions. You will want to make sure you have a clear path so that you can move around without anyone getting hurt. Moving around in icy conditions can also make a mess in your home so make sure you protect your floors too.

If you want to lighten your load during your winter move, then you cannot go wrong with a self storage unit at StorageBlue. Whether you are looking to store summer clothes or unwanted belongings, give us a call today and we can help provide you with the perfect arrangements. 

Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services
Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services

Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services

Having to move is already a challenge, but doing so in the middle of a pandemic can make it even harder. Some people are moving back home and others are moving into new homes. Either way, the pandemic has made the moving process more complex than ever before. While some people may have the ability to delay their move, others may not have the same option and are forced to make arrangements fast which may lead you to explore options for self storage. 

There is a lot to consider moving right now. It is important to understand how to keep yourself and others safe during a time like this. That is one of the best things about contactless services. The risk is more minimal compared to all the people you may encounter doing it another way.

Lucky for you, at StorageBlue we came up with great options to help you get your items from your home to your storage unit. As a storage company, our job is to help make your life easier. We understand that many people are skeptical to visit certain public places during a time like this so creating alternatives to make people comfortable was something we were happy to do. 

Here are our free, quick, and easy contactless options that will help bring you peace of mind during your move. 

Option 1:

  1. Visit our website to view our options on the home page
  2. Schedule a free curbside pickup online or by phone
  3. We will pick up your items on your scheduled date

Option 2: 

  1. For an additional fee, sit back and let us handle all the heavy lifting. Our movers come help you pack and move everything for you.

If you are moving, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our offer! Pick whichever option suits you best and allow us to help you have a stress free move. One of our five locations in New Jersey would be happy to service you for your personal or business storage needs. 

How To Organize Your Paper Clutter In Your Jersey City Apartment
How To Organize Your Paper Clutter In Your Jersey City Apartment

How To Organize Your Paper Clutter In Your Jersey City Apartment

Do you struggle with paper clutter? If you do, you are not alone. According to professional organizers, one of the top questions they get from their clients is how they can keep their papers organized. 

Whether you live in a large or small home in Jersey City, NJ, this is an issue that everyone can run into. Keep reading to discover our tips on how you can stop shifting your paper clutter around and finally find a way to keep your place clutter free.

Find A Home For Your Mail

Mail is easily one of the top sources of paper clutter so here is a great tip, toss your junk mail as soon as you receive it. Make a rule to not let mail get past a certain area in your house. For example, if you decide the kitchen is the area you will put your mail make sure you create a dedicated area where mail should be sorted and saved. 

Create A System

The best way to stick with a habit is to develop a process. If you train yourself to put your papers in the same area that will prevent them from spreading out and creating clutter. Make a house rule, no papers on the counters and watch how much of a difference it makes!

Go Digital 

The good thing is, many companies now offer paperless as an option to receive details on your accounts. Should you decide to download a copy and print it, that is up to you, but in the meantime having a digital copy serves the same purpose. We encourage you to use this option to not only reduce paper clutter but also save some trees! 

Should you find your paper clutter is still running over at home, a storage unit would be great for you. If you are looking for an out-of-sight-out-of-mind paper clutter solution that a storage unit is perfect. You can store away all your important documents while still having convenient access to it. 

Great Moving Hacks For A Less Stressful Move
Great Moving Hacks For A Less Stressful Move

Great Moving Hacks For A Less Stressful Move

Moving is one of those tasks that most people have to take on, and yet no one truly enjoys. Have you ever met a person that said they love having to pack up all their belongings and move? While we may not be able to persuade you to fall in love with the moving process, we can offer you some great tips on how to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable. If you give these tips a try, you may be surprised to find out how easy moving can be!

Think About Logistics

You know what they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Getting from A to B may not be as easy as you think, so it is important to think about the moving process as a whole in order to figure out how you will get it done efficiently. A big part of that is also knowing what to leave to the movers. Try not to overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to take it all on by yourself.

Budget For Your Move

The costs of moving can add up if you let it. Make sure you have a good system that helps you keep track of your spending. Consider getting quotes from multiple storage companies to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. It is even great if you can reuse boxes instead of spending money on new supplies.

Tacking Unpacking

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the packing process that we do not think about our plan to unpack. One of the best things you can do is give yourself a deadline. Avoid dragging out the process by picking a date to have all your belongings unpacked. Take it day by day, ask a friend for help, throw on some music, and you will have it done in no time. 

Is part of your moving plan off-loading some of your belongings? No problem! One of our five locations throughout New Jersey would be a great new home for your things. We are clean, safe, and convenient, what more could you ask for! Give us a call today and let us help you get set up with your new storage unit.

Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City
Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City

Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility and stuff! It is not uncommon to wonder, do I possibly have too much? You are not alone and we are here to share some great reasons why a storage unit may be a life changing solution for your business. Whether you are working out of your home or an office building, having extra space never hurts.

These are our tips on how your business can benefit from a storage unit for your Jersey City home or office.

Guaranteed Safety For Your Belongings

No matter what your industry is, safety is a top priority. Store your inventory away without worrying. The great thing about having a storage unit is that they are in secured buildings to ensure no one can access your items except for you. 

Scaling Your Business

Due to COVID-19, it has been a difficult time for many businesses, especially small businesses. If your business has been impacted and you had to downsize your office space, a storage option may be a great option for you. While you are saving on the cost of rent for an office space, you can put it towards a storage unit instead.

Provide Room For Growth

You may only have one business location right now but having a storage unit allows for more opportunities for growth. If space is a concern of yours, knowing that you have extra room outside of your space will help ease you during any plans for expansion. Consider your storage unit as insurance for any items you decide to shift around.

After reading this article you may decide it is time to get a storage unit after all. The good news is, we have a storage facility located in Jersey City. We have various unit sizes to choose from so give us a call today and let us help you.

Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment
Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment

Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment

Moving out can be quite a process especially if you are renting. You will want to make sure you leave your place clean so that you can get your security deposit back. Think about exactly how spotless your apartment was before you moved in and how you will want to leave it in the same condition for the next renter.

If you need advice on how to have an organized, smooth, and hassle free move, look no further and check out our moving checklist tips!

Make A Decision About Your Lease

For most renters, landlords will ask about 30 to 60 days out if you are planning to renew your lease. If not, then you are required to give them notice that you will be moving out. The sooner you make this decision, the better. Once you have decided to leave, you should take a close look at your lease to understand how you can get your security deposit back.


Make your move a little lighter by getting rid of things before you move. Instead of bringing your belongings to your new home and having to sort them out there, get it out of the way now. It will save you boxes and help give you an idea of all the packing you have to do. 

Leave It Spotless

If you leave your apartment as clean as possible, there will be little reason for your landlord to not give your security deposit back. You should take care of projects like touching up chipped paint, washing the walls, and patching up nail holes. Do as much as you can to restore your apartment to its original condition. 

Do A Final Walkthrough

You and your landlord might have different standards when it comes to cleaning. To avoid any confusion, have your landlord or superintendent accompany you on a final walkthrough to see the condition you are leaving the apartment in. That way if any issues come up, you can reference the final walkthrough and any photos or videos you have of the apartment.

As you move out of your apartment, you might consider storing some of your belongings instead of bringing them to your next place. We have some good news for you, we have a Hoboken storage facility that would be happy to help you out! Whether it is for short term or long term storage, our safe and clean facilities will be the perfect place to house your things.

How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home
How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home

How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home

At the start of a new year, you may feel energized and motivated to tackle the clutter in your home. You might have found that spending most of 2020 working from home and entertaining your kids has made you interested in exploring new storage ideas. The good news is, we can help you identify some easy storage ideas to help your rooms feel less crowded.

Check out these quick storage solutions on how you can add storage space to any room in your home.

Use Your Furniture

The great thing about furniture is that a lot of pieces can be used in unconventional ways. In your living room, furniture like ottomans and coffee tables can serve multi-purposes of storing your belongings in plain sight. In your bedroom, you can also consider raising your bed to use the space underneath or use drawers to create more room in your closet.

Organize Your Kids Toy Areas

If you do not have a playroom, it is easy to feel like your kids’ toys are taking over your home. Especially with everyone at home now, it is important to have a designated space in certain rooms for toy storage. Whether it is a basket or cubby, there are so many adorable systems that are also easily accessible for the kids.

Improve Your Bathroom Storage

Given that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, you might find there is no perfect way to organize your bathroom. Get creative by using a shower caddie for your toiletries and cute baskets for your towels. Our suggestion for the bathroom is finding a way to keep things hidden so you do not have a mess spilling out onto the counter.

If you are looking for a large and more permanent storage solution, contact us today. We have multiple locations in North Jersey that can help provide the extra space you need. Our safe, clean, and convenient facilities might be just what you need to start out the year.

Finding A Fixer Upper Home In Union City New Jersey
Finding A Fixer Upper Home In Union City New Jersey

Finding A Fixer Upper Home In Union City, New Jersey

Have you always been interested in getting a fixer upper and turning it into your dream home? Maybe you found a home in the perfect neighborhood or you could just be in the mood to make some changes after watching home improvement shows. We are here to tell you how you can make that dream come true! 

Check out our tips on what to look for in a fixer upper in Union City.

Select A Location

Whether you are fixing up a home to live in or to use as a rental property, the location is everything. One of the benefits of buying a fixer upper is that you can find a home for a better price in a desirable neighborhood. Also, once it is time to sell, the value of your property will most likely increase

Set A Budget

It is good to go into this knowing how much you are able to spend. This includes the purchase, renovations, and any last minute projects. Once you start spending, it can be easy to lose track, so having a budget will help keep you from overspending.

Check Out The Potential

The last thing you want to do is choose a home that requires a lot of work. Does the home have the flexibility you need to make the right changes? Do you think it can be salvaged? These are questions that you will need to ask yourself before making your final decision.

Get Creative

The awesome part about a fixer upper home is that the possibilities are endless! It is the perfect opportunity to bring your vision to life and create a space that feels like home. Identifying which areas you can DIY can help save you money and decide which projects can be taken on by a contractor.

We are hopeful that you will find the amazing fixer upper home you are looking for! What is even better is that we have a Union City location should you need a storage unit. We are here to help, just give us a call whenever you are ready.

Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State
Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State

Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State

Welcome to the Garden State! Moving to a new state can be an exciting journey. From packing up your home to thinking about making new friends, you will have a long road ahead of you so planning will help keep things in order. Do not let the idea of moving stress you out, but instead prepare for a chance for a fresh start.

We put together this helpful checklist to help guide you on your move to New Jersey.

Visit Ahead Of Time

This is not mandatory but highly recommended. Having the opportunity to visit your future new home can help anticipate what is to come. You will be able to get a feel of your new community and get any additional information you need. Besides, it is also a great excuse to check out New Jersey and explore New York if you have time!

Create A Moving Budget

Moving can be expensive but especially if you are coming from another state. It is best to get an idea of how much you will spend on movers, supplies, and various other miscellaneous expenses that come up. Setting aside money will help keep you on track and prevent any unexpected costs. After creating your budget, you may find creative ways to cut back on moving expenses.

Do Your Research

The more prepared you are, the better. If you have children, you will want to look into the school system and determine the best choice for your kids. There is so much to learn about the wonderful state of New Jersey! 

New to the tri-state area and looking for a storage facility? Let us help make your home the space you dreamed of by getting some extra space. Contact us today and we can help you get a new storage unit today at one of our five locations.