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What To Consider Before Flipping Your Hoboken Home
What To Consider Before Flipping Your Hoboken Home

What To Consider Before Flipping Your Hoboken Home

During the pandemic, have you found yourself watching shows all about buying, selling, and flipping homes for extra income? If your life is filled with HGTV programming about this, then you have probably considered if flipping houses is worth it. While television shows make the process look quite glamorous, there is a lot of work that goes into a project like this.

If you are ready to turn your house flipping dream into a reality, read more to find out some things you should think about before flipping your Hoboken home. 

Think About Your Timeline

It is important to understand from the start that this will be a time consuming process. If this is your first major real estate investment then be prepared to make it a full time project. Think about how long it will not only take you to plan, but to get things done from start to finish.

Determine Your Budget

One of the most important steps is figuring out how much you plan to spend. Besides the cost of the home itself, you will have to take many other things into account such as property taxes, repairs, utilities, and more. Think about how much of your budget you will have to dedicate to hiring help, and instead consider taking on some of the work yourself.

Familiarize Yourself With The Market

Before embarking on this journey, it is important that you educate yourself as much as possible. Do not just buy a home blindly without doing any research. Get an idea of how you can increase the value of the house and what the market is like in your neighborhood. 

Flipping a house can be a big undertaking, but a satisfying one. If you find yourself needing extra storage for your items, consider renting a storage unit with us. With locations throughout North Jersey, we can help get you situated today. 

Important Rules For Downsizing Your Home In New Jersey
Important Rules For Downsizing Your Home In New Jersey

Important Rules For Downsizing Your Home In New Jersey

Not all moves mean moving into a larger space. If you are choosing to downsize, that allows you the perfect opportunity to edit down your belongings. Making the decision on what to keep and what to recycle or get rid of can be made a lot easier as you are already in the mindset of moving. Whether you are moving into a smaller home due to retirement, or your kids are leaving the nest, creating a plan for your belongings is extremely important.

It has been a challenging year for many people, and it has been quite common to see people moving into smaller homes. Do not waste any more time stressing and jump start your downsizing process with these great tips.

Start Room By Room

The way you approach your move will make all the difference. Give yourself a chance to process everything by slowly tackling each room one at a time. The more you pack and go through things little by little, the less overwhelmed you will feel. 

Eliminate The Duplicates

You may not realize it but chances are you own multiple things that you do not need. Do you find yourself with too many sweaters? Do you have more containers in the kitchen than you actually use? Those are both a great place to start by deciding what you truly need to bring to your next home. 

Do Your Research

Not all of your items will need to be tossed away. Instead, it is nice to find local organizations that will appreciate receiving things that you no longer have a need for. Look into charities, shelters, and schools who could use your previously owned items.

While you are downsizing, you may also consider putting your extra belongings into a storage unit. Our facilities in New Jersey can provide the perfect, safe place for you to store your items that may not fit in your new space. Give us a call today to find out more about our units and locations. 

What Has Lockdown Taught You About Space At Home
What Has Lockdown Taught You About Space At Home

What Has Lockdown Taught You About Space At Home

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and many of us still have not yet returned to our office and work routines, and are still working from home. The past year has been filled with many trials and tribulations for lots of people, but we are sure that there have been valuable lessons learned as well. As you spend more time at home, it causes you to think about your space and how much it means to you.

We did some reflecting and came up with a list of the things we realized after spending more time at home during the pandemic.

Home Office Space Is A Must

If you do not already have a room or area in your home as a designated working space, then you may have struggled to figure out your at home work flow like many others. Chances are you carved out some space in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom to get work done, but imagine how nice it would be to have your own office at home.

Multipurpose Furniture

Depending on how much space you have at home, investing in furniture that can serve multiple purposes can save you money, space, and time. If minimalism is your vibe, why not get furniture that can shift and expand to save yourself room. It is a great way to keep a room from feeling overcrowded with unnecessary furniture.

Extra Space Needed

You may have been thinking about it and putting it off, but lockdown might have shown you the ugly truth about the lack of extra space you have at home. Many of us have gotten away with stuffing things in the closet or hiding things in plain sight for many years. The more time you spent at home may have exposed those flawed storage methods and caused you to realize you need some extra space to grow. 

If you find yourself in need of that extra room, then it sounds like it is time to invest in a self storage space. Think about the peace of mind you will have unloading your belongings from your home. With our various locations in New Jersey, we can help make life easier for your new at-home lifestyle. 

The Best Advice For New Jersey Movers
The Best Advice For New Jersey Movers

The Best Advice For New Jersey Movers

Moving can come with a lot of feelings, some being stress, anxiety, and worry. While some moving tips start with packing advice, there is so much more that comes with the process. Your mind might be racing trying to decide what to do, but guess what? There is no one-size-fits-all plan for moving but we can help you find the right one.

It is time to change the narrative about moving! That is why we put together these helpful tips that will be a game changer for your next move. You will want to make sure you continue reading to find out how to have an effortless move living in New Jersey.

Toss Everything

That might sound a bit dramatic but it is a great place to start. The thought of packing all your belongings can be quite overwhelming so if you get rid of things it will make decisions better. Another way to think about it is that you will have less to pack and move.

Start A Folder

Organization is key so make sure you have a place to store your important documents. Between paperwork from the post office, rental or purchase agreements, and moving contracts, you should make it a priority to store all of this in a safe place. 


We know how easy it is to want to put off the task of packing but do not do it! Procrastinating is an easy way to stress yourself out, and besides, think about how good you will feel to have things done ahead of time.

Our favorite tip is to remind you that we are here to store your items if you need extra space. The moving process may reveal that you have more items than you have space for in your new home so give us a call and get your storage unit today. 

The Best Moving Tips For Moving During The Spring
The Best Moving Tips For Moving During The Spring

The Best Moving Tips For Moving During The Spring

Welcoming change during a new season can be a wonderful feeling, especially during the spring. There is something about the spring that is often associated with a renewal and rebirth. Feelings like that can lead you to thinking about making a move into a new home during the spring. Besides the beautiful weather, there are many other benefits to moving during March, April or May.

If you are based in the tri-state area, we are here to tell you about all the great reasons you should consider moving in the spring.

Spring Cleaning

Many people take advantage of the spring by taking a moment to clean and clear out their home. Since you may already be in the mood to do so, would it not be nice if you were moving at the same time too? It is like killing two birds with one stone! Out with the old, and in with the new. 

Get More For Less

According to moving experts, the spring and the fall are the cheapest times of the year to move. Since most people tend to move during the summer, it is easy for people to overlook some of the great spring deals. During the spring, you have an increased chance of finding an apartment with better lease terms or even finding a home at a lower cost. It is definitely worth doing the research to see where you can potentially save.

The Weather Is In Your Favor

If anyone has ever experienced moving in the cold or humidity, you may know it is not the most pleasant experience. The spring brings sunshine, a gentle breeze, in crisp air which are perfect moving conditions. While there may be a chance of spring showers, overall, moving in cool comfortable weather can be very beneficial. 

While you are in the spring cleaning mood, give your home a refresh by making some extra room and bringing your belongings to a StorageBlue facility. Whether you are moving or cleaning, we are here to help provide you with a home-away-from-home for your things. 

Best Unpacking Hacks For Your Union City Apartment 
Best Unpacking Hacks For Your Union City Apartment 

Best Unpacking Hacks For Your Union City Apartment 

Who does not love a good hack? Especially when it comes to unpacking. Many of us spend so much time dreading the packing process that we neglect to think about how hassle free it can possibly be. You made it through the packing storm having to figure out all the logistics, so now onto the next part. 

If you follow these steps, you will have a smooth and easy unpacking process allowing you to focus on your new Union City apartment.

Capture Photos Before Packing

If you have a room or area in your home that has the perfect set up, snap a picture to help you recreate this set up in your new home. Reference photos can be extremely useful especially when it comes to organizing and decorating your bookshelves, living room, and desk area.

Create An Organized Packing System

Pack like a pro by getting organized from the start and figuring out your packing system. Using Post-it notes, colored markers, and tape are some of our favorite moving supplies that will make packing a breeze. If you use these supplies to organize, then by the time you get to your new home you will save time and prevent having to go through all of your stuff in a frenzy!

Pick Your First Room To Unpack

Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to unpack all your boxes in one week. Instead, target two rooms like your bedroom and bathroom which will make the process more manageable. Besides, those are the two rooms you will be accessing the most besides your kitchen so you will want things to be in order there first.

If you want to unload some of your belongings after you finish unpacking, give us a call! A storage unit will provide you with an extra space for your stuff and leave you room to grow into your new home. Trust us, you will not regret getting a storage unit with us!

Avoid These Common Self Storage Mistakes
Avoid These Common Self Storage Mistakes

Avoid These Common Self Storage Mistakes

Self storage units can be a great solution for many homeowners and renters. Even if you need extra space for your business, having a storage unit will allow you to create more space and worry less about clutter. However, you know what they say – out of sight, out of mind! Just because you do not see your unit on a daily basis, does not mean that you should let things become unorganized.

Here are some easy ways to avoid making mistakes and allow you to completely leverage your storage space.

Getting A Unit That Is Too Small

As a first time storage renter, you may think the smallest space available can do. Depending on the size of the items and how much you decide to store, you will want to think ahead about how much space you are looking for. A small unit can result in a jam packed storage unit, or even lost and damaged items.

Packing Without A Plan

While securing a storage unit might seem like the easy part, there is more work ahead. Once you have your unit, you should take a look around your home or office to decide what items you are looking to store. You will not want to make the mistake of throwing everything in at once but instead make an organized system.

Not Keeping A Record

Once you make a game plan, you should find the best way to take inventory of what you are moving. The worst thing you can do is lose track of things along the way. Creating a document to note where everything is will be extremely helpful.

Using The Wrong Packing Material

Will you need containers? Will you use boxes? You may even decide to store items in a suitcase. Whatever you choose, make sure you use the right materials and supplies to keep your belongings secure.

Now that you have these tips, you will be more prepared the next time you visit your unit. At StorageBlue, we can help you find the perfect storage unit for your needs. Give us a call, you will not regret getting the extra space that you have been needing and wanting. 

Being A First Time Homeowner In New Jersey
Being A First Time Homeowner In New Jersey

So you finally got tired of apartment living and decided to save up for your first home. Congratulations – that is a huge accomplishment! New Jersey is full of beautiful homes and if you are not from the area, your mind is probably running a mile a minute thinking about all the things that must get done before moving day.

We can help you worry less and focus on moving into the home of your dreams. Check out our top tips on how to get prepared for moving into your new home.

Start With The Basics

There are so many little things to get done during a big move. Starting with the basics can help relieve a lot of stress. Some of the basics include changing your address at the post office, booking movers, and doing research on your new neighborhood.

Take Care Of Your Chores

Buying a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Besides cleaning out your old home, you will have to be prepared to take care of things in your new home like tending to the lawn and doing a deep clean.

Hire Help

If you have some room in your budget to hire help, that is something you should definitely consider. Leave your heavy lifting to a good full-service moving company. Based on your budget, there are various other services that they include that will save you time and energy. 

Only Bring What You Love

Do not feel obligated to bring everything from your old home. If you do not use it or think you can live without it, leave it behind! Consider investing in new furniture that you love and see yourself growing with.  

Once you have decided on what to bring, there may be some things you are not quite ready to get rid of. That is the perfect reason to book a storage unit with us. Give us a call and we can help store your items at one of our facilities. 

Moving Into Your Home During The Winter
Moving Into Your Home During The Winter

Moving Into Your Home During The Winter

Most people are typically more overwhelmed by the idea of moving rather than excited. While a lot of moves take place during the summer, there are still people who opt to move during the winter months. If you happen to live in the tri-state area, then you know how the winter can be unpredictable when it comes to the frigid temperatures and snow. Especially recently, we have been slammed with snow storms so if you are moving during the winter, then you will want to keep reading!

Plan Ahead

We always mention the importance of planning, but during the winter months, you really will want to make sure you explore all your options. Think about the fact that it gets darker earlier so you may want to start your move earlier in the day. Also, make sure you check the weather to have an idea of what to expect on the big day. 

Stay Organized 

This is great advice regardless of what season you are moving in, but it does not hurt to make sure you have a checklist. Make note of what valuables you are moving and make sure you keep track of them. It is also helpful to make sure your boxes are labeled so that once the movers arrive, everything can go smoothly.

Protect Everyone And Your Home

The colder it gets, the more likely you are to experience snow, ice, and slippery conditions. You will want to make sure you have a clear path so that you can move around without anyone getting hurt. Moving around in icy conditions can also make a mess in your home so make sure you protect your floors too.

If you want to lighten your load during your winter move, then you cannot go wrong with a self storage unit at StorageBlue. Whether you are looking to store summer clothes or unwanted belongings, give us a call today and we can help provide you with the perfect arrangements. 

Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services
Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services

Taking Advantage Of Contactless Self Storage Services

Having to move is already a challenge, but doing so in the middle of a pandemic can make it even harder. Some people are moving back home and others are moving into new homes. Either way, the pandemic has made the moving process more complex than ever before. While some people may have the ability to delay their move, others may not have the same option and are forced to make arrangements fast which may lead you to explore options for self storage. 

There is a lot to consider moving right now. It is important to understand how to keep yourself and others safe during a time like this. That is one of the best things about contactless services. The risk is more minimal compared to all the people you may encounter doing it another way.

Lucky for you, at StorageBlue we came up with great options to help you get your items from your home to your storage unit. As a storage company, our job is to help make your life easier. We understand that many people are skeptical to visit certain public places during a time like this so creating alternatives to make people comfortable was something we were happy to do. 

Here are our free, quick, and easy contactless options that will help bring you peace of mind during your move. 

Option 1:

  1. Visit our website to view our options on the home page
  2. Schedule a free curbside pickup online or by phone
  3. We will pick up your items on your scheduled date

Option 2: 

  1. For an additional fee, sit back and let us handle all the heavy lifting. Our movers come help you pack and move everything for you.

If you are moving, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our offer! Pick whichever option suits you best and allow us to help you have a stress free move. One of our five locations in New Jersey would be happy to service you for your personal or business storage needs.