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Why Safe Self-Storage Will Help Your Business

Why Safe Self-Storage Will Help Your Business

Having commercial space is a dream most business owners have. The reality is that unfortunately, it is not an option for everyone. Especially during the pandemic, many business owners have opted to downsize to save money instead of buying new larger spaces. Even if you have been lucky enough to make a lot during the pandemic, it may not be the right time to jump into buying property. Do you know what a better investment would be? Cheap self-storage in New Jersey!

As we continue to get through COVID-19, we realize how much of a negative impact it had on small business owners. Many people were forced to close their doors and move their businesses online. Now that businesses have had to adapt to the “new normal”, many are using self-storage units as an affordable option. New York and New Jersey business owners are seeking our cheap self-storage units in New Jersey for their storage solutions now more than ever. If you’re thinking about doing the same, here’s why a self-storage is a safe option for your business.


Stick To Your Budget

Instead of spending money on a larger office, a self-storage unit is a more affordable option. While moving into a larger location can give you more space it also comes with more expenses. It also may cause you to spend on more furniture and items to help create the space you need. If you’re on a budget or looking to cut back, then consider a cheap self-storage unit in Jersey City for your business. One of the benefits of storing your items at StorageBlue is that all our storage facilities offer affordable self-storage for Jersey City, Newark, Union City, and the surrounding area.


Find Somewhere Easily Accessible

You know what they say, location is everything. This applies to your home and potential storage unit near Staten Island. Wherever you decide to store your stuff it needs to be easily accessible. Driving a car is one of the quickest ways to get around. Imagine how simple it will be to visit your storage unit on your own time.


Great Short-Term Option

Maybe you’re giving your office a makeover and need a place for your belongings temporarily. Transitioning to a new office or undergoing renovations can be a huge inconvenience for day-to-day business. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is losing track of your belongings. No matter what size you need, StorageBlue has small, medium, large, and extra-large cheap self-storage units in New Jersey for our customers.


Secure Storage Facilities

Safety is often one of the top reasons people look for places to store their business assets. With your items in a storage unit, you’ll know that they’re safe and protected. If your office is filled with bank statements, client gifts, and employee documents then you’d benefit from a storage unit. Lucky for you, if you have a local business then cheap self-storage nearby can be extremely beneficial. Our storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance, so you know your items are being watched at all times.


Easy To Stay Organized

Having a small storage unit will really help you streamline your business. Having your office cluttered with furniture and paperwork can have an impact on your workflow. If you have a self-storage unit, it will create a better work environment for you and your employees. You won’t have to compromise any of the space in your home office or retail space by using a storage unit.


Protect Your Documents And Inventory

Is your office filled with old paperwork or products for your inventory? Valuable items like this should be put somewhere safe. If you want to declutter your business, start with a storage unit, it’s a great cost-effective storage solution for your business. New Jersey business owners enjoy StorageBlue because we have cheap storage units in Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Union City, and Garfield.

Customers feel safe leaving their stuff in our hands. At StorageBlue, our state-of-the-art facilities give you everything you need – 24-hour surveillance, discounts, outdoor units, storage supplies, and more. We’re proud to offer all that we do at an affordable price without compromising on the experience. We can offer you the cheapest self-storage in Jersey City, or you can check out one of our other locations.

Booking a storage unit at StorageBlue is a great decision for your business. We are the cheapest self-storage in New Jersey and our cheap prices don’t compromise the service. Our storage facilities are clean, safe, and easily accessible from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. We even offer curbside pickup because we understand the importance of convenience. Give us a call and secure your new self-storage unit today.

Things To Consider Moving From New Jersey To New York

Things To Consider Moving From New Jersey To New York

While New York City and New Jersey are neighbors, the two places are very different. Of course, there are urban cities in New Jersey, but there is nothing quite like the concrete jungle. Having a spacious apartment these day is a luxury which is why many people move to New Jersey, but maybe you’re craving the excitement of city living. We don’t blame you. There’s so much to offer in the city, coffee shops all over, more job opportunities, and some of the best food you’ll ever have.

New York City has a lot to offer and if you’re thinking of making that move then be prepared. We’re sharing a few things to consider before moving from New Jersey to New York.


How Expensive Is Mortgage Or Rent

Did you know that New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in America? It’s no secret that living in The Big Apple can be expensive. Because of that, deciding on a living space can be a bit tricky. Many people are forced to downsize due to the cost of the rent. For example, if you’re trading in your backyard and driveway for a small studio without outdoor space, as crazy as it sounds that doesn’t mean it will be a lot cheaper. The last thing you want is to drain your wallet because of expensive rent.


How Much Room Does Your Family Need

Are you a family of three, five, or maybe even seven? Depending on how many people live with you. You will decide a lot about your move. Moving to New York is a huge commitment but if you and your family are ready for change, go for it! All we want you to do is manage your expectations in terms of what you’re used to and what you’ll be getting while living in the city. Even if you purchase a brownstone, it still may not be as large as a three-bedroom home.


Rent A Storage Unit

If you don’t have one already then, you’ll want to consider it, especially if you’re downsizing. If you’re living in a four-bedroom home in New Jersey then we can imagine you probably have a lot of stuff. Maybe you’re not quite ready to get rid of it, and that’s okay. That’s what self-storage is for. That’s another good reason to book with StorageBlue, we offer storage in Bergen County and Hudson County which is easily accessible from New York City.

One of the best decisions you can make during this move is getting a storage unit. By having a self-storage unit, you will be able to give yourself more room and a home. Many people who move decide to keep their self-storage unit in New Jersey. Why may you ask? Probably due to the convenience and price.

The best thing about StorageBlue is that we have storage facilities right outside of the city. If you’re looking for self-storage in Bergen County, Hudson County, or Essex County, reach out to us. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities have been serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas for years, and we want to be your new storage home!


The Best Organizing Methods For Your Self-Storage

There are different ways on how to approach organizing before you move into a new self-storage unit. The thought of moving is already stressful enough which is why it’s important to have a plan. With a packing strategy, you can save time, energy, stress, and money. The moving process is not exactly something people look forward to, but it can be satisfying and fulfilling once you’re finished.

If you’re planning to move into self-storage in New Jersey, we give you some advice on our favorite packing and organizing methods.


Book A Professional

If you can afford to, hiring a professional moving company is a great option. It’s a great way to move your belongings stress-free by having a moving company handle all the heavy lifting. While this might not be the cheapest method, it’s one that can save you a lot of time if you’re on a deadline. With all the self-storage facilities in New Jersey finding professional movers won’t be a challenge.


Ask For Help

This might be your first option if you’re not interested in hiring professionals. Enlisting your friends and family can be a great decision. The key to organizing is having people around you that can be helpful and people that you can trust. Having family and friends around will help check things off your to-do list quicker. Even if it’s just for moving day, all the extra help you can use counts.


Organize Room By Room

This tends to be one of the most popular methods. Going room to room and deciding to clear things out one room at a time can be a great way to stay organized. That way you can tackle rooms that you may not use as often, like a guest room, living room, or dining room. The other cool thing about this method is you can easily declutter and throw things away at the same time.


Prioritize Decluttering

Has decluttering been on your mind for a while now? Well, now it’s time to seize the moment! All you must do is set aside three piles to determine what’s for storage, trash, and donation. These piles will help guide and keep you on the right track. Once you’ve decided which is which, you can begin packing the things you know you’ll need for storage.

The biggest part of the job is packing and organizing so once you conquer that, you’re almost there. If you book a unit with StorageBlue, all you’ll have to do is organize and set up a contactless pickup. From there, we come to your home or office and take your belongings to one of our five storage facilities. It’s just as easy as it sounds!

It doesn’t matter if your home is in Jersey City but you’re looking for storage in Newark, all our facilities are conveniently located to public transportation and highways. We vowed to provide cheap storage solutions to our community, and we proudly do so. As fall and winter approach, now is the perfect time to get that self-storage unit you’ve always needed.

How To Find The Cheapest Storage In New Jersey
How To Find The Cheapest Storage In New Jersey

How To Find The Cheapest Storage In New Jersey

If you live in New York City or Jersey City, you probably realize the importance of making the most of your space. That’s exactly why so many residents are having to face the hard truth of needing more space outside of their homes. Ideally, it would be great to have a spacious apartment or house for all your belongings, but that’s not always the case. Many people wish they had a cheap storage unit in New Jersey to help relieve their stress.

If living in New York or New Jersey is a dream of yours, we want to make it a reality and help make sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead. If you’ve visited, you might have noticed seeing big buildings used for self-storage. Due to high demand, there are a few to choose from but we want to help make sure you choose an affordable storage unit.

Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, there are many reasons why a storage unit can be useful. Having a storage unit can be a game-changer for the success of your business. It can even help your personal life by freeing up space at home giving you peace of mind.
If you’re new to the area and wondering how to find the best storage deals, follow these tips to find the best deals.


Determine Your Storage Needs

We all want storage for different reasons. Maybe you’re a wanderlust that loves to travel and rarely is home. Or perhaps you’re renovating your home and need some extra space for your belongings. Whatever your reason is, make sure you take into consideration all the things you’re looking to store and for how long.

Once you figure out if you’re going to need a storage unit for short-term or long-term purposes, you can decide the right size unit depending on how it’ll be used. If you’re concerned about staying on budget, no problem! Since most storage rentals are month-to-month you won’t be stuck with large payments and a big commitment.


Consider A Locker Or Small Unit

Because customers all have different needs, we provide storage units in different sizes. If possible, consider renting the smallest unit or even a locker. At StorageBlue, our cheapest storage unit is 5×5 which can fit small furniture or large boxes. Pack right and you can organize your belongings and use the space efficiently.

Don’t feel pressured to get a large storage unit. Our storage units come in various sizes. We know it’s important to have options, so you can always start small and grow into a larger unit all for a good price. Don’t stress yourself out about getting a large expensive unit, when you can find a great cheap self-storage unit.


Think About The Features

The features included in your storage unit can directly impact the price. If you stick to the basics, then you have nothing to worry about. If you’re looking for a climate-controlled unit then be prepared to pay more. Also, did you know an indoor storage unit is going to be cheaper than an outdoor storage unit? Make sure you do your research and determine if paying an extra cost is worth it.


Find The Best Location

One of the most important things about getting a storage unit is the location. With so many options, it can be hard to narrow down the best place for your storage unit. Should it be close to your home or maybe you prefer it be closer to the office? Either way, if you live in Hoboken or Jersey City, you’re in luck. We offer some of the cheapest storage in Jersey City that provides secure, affordable, and easy to access storage units.


Use Contactless Free Pick Up

An easy way to save on storage is using a contactless free pick-up. Save yourself the hassle of renting a truck or using a moving company. All you must do is schedule a free pick-up, pack your belongings, and schedule a pickup. It’s as simple as that! Using this option will save you energy, time, and most importantly, money. Take a load off and let our team do the heavy lifting while you remain stress-free.

At StorageBlue, we’re happy to offer our customers the cheapest storage in New Jersey. With all our deals and discounts, we want to help you save as much as you can. It’s important to us that everyone has access to the storage solutions they need. No matter your circumstance, StorageBlue can beat out any price! No other storage company can offer cheap self-storage in New Jersey like StorageBlue.

Our fives state-of-the-art facilities in Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Union City, and Garfield serve as the cheapest self-storage in Jersey City and the surrounding area. We’re constantly growing and expanding with new locations throughout New Jersey all offering affordable self-storage for New Jersey residents.

Four Ways To Approach Storage For Your Staten Island Home

Four Ways To Approach Storage For Your Staten Island Home

Staten Island is a hidden gem. Since it can appear to be isolated from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, it is often referred to as “The Forgotten Borough”. Don’t let the nickname fool you. With a home on Staten Island, you’ll pay cheaper rent, have more space, all while having quick access to New Jersey and the other boroughs. Even if you’re downsizing, you can have a great home and use a storage unit near Staten Island for your extra belongings.

If you’re a new homeowner or moving into a new apartment, storage solutions are probably at the top of your mind. That’s why we suggest sticking to these four strategies for storage in State Island. There are many common storage mistakes people make and we want to help you to avoid them by preparing yourself.


Analyze Your Space

If your home doesn’t have extra space like a basement, garage, or extra bedroom then you’ll have to get creative on storage. Sometimes there’s only but so much shelving and containers that you can store in your home. While Staten Island offers some great housing options, having a backup plan is always helpful.


Find Somewhere Easily Accessible

You know what they say, location is everything. This applies to your home and potential storage unit near Staten Island. Wherever you decide to store your stuff it needs to be easily accessible. Driving a car is one of the quickest ways to get around. Imagine how simple it will be to visit your storage unit on your own time.


Research Storage Units

It’s important to know what storage facilities are in Staten Island and the surrounding area. Start your research early by driving around the neighborhood and checking out the internet to find potential storage facilities near Staten Island. We’ll get you started on your research by sharing some of the awesome features we offer! If you reserve online, you can get one month free and curbside pickup – and it doesn’t stop there. If you’re concerned about health and safety, take advantage of our free contactless services.


Make A Decision

Try not to get overwhelmed by the process. Start off with these tips to help you make the best decision for yourself or your family. Does this storage facility offer deal? Do they have good rates for the space I need? Do they provide other services besides storage? All important questions you’ll want to answer before making a final decision.

Deciding to book at StorageBlue can be one of the best decisions to make. The services and support we can provide will be better than any Staten Island storage facility. We proudly serve the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas with storage solutions for personal and business needs. For long-term or short-term storage needs, our goal is to provide customers with amazing service and secure storage facilities.

A Guide on How to Organize Your Storage Unit
A Guide on How to Organize Your Storage Unit

A Guide on How to Organize Your Storage Unit

Have you decided it is time to rent a self-storage unit? Are you tired of your home being filled with clutter, or maybe you need somewhere to store your belongings as you transition to a new city? No matter what the reason is, it’s important to set yourself up for success by knowing how to be prepared. The process begins even before you move into your unit and starts with how you decide to pack and organize. Continue reading to find out how to maximize space and protect your belongings.


What comes first?

You can’t begin packing until you assess your home. Are you moving a full house room by room, or are you only moving certain items and furniture? These are important questions to ask yourself from the beginning.

Take inventory of your belongings to get a clear idea of what needs to be packed. Once you’ve created a list, you’ll have an idea of what’s being moved and how much storage space you’ll need. At StorageBlue, our New Jersey facilities provide storage units that can store items including patio furniture, small boats, appliances, and boxes.


Check out storage facility features

Many storage units offer different features including climate-controlled units and free curbside pickup. If these are important to you, you’ll want to make sure the facility offers this.

Find out what services they offer as well. It is important to select a storage facility that focuses on providing convenient service, as StorageBlue does. By offering surveillance, packing materials, and U-Haul rental, you will have the tools necessary.


Make time to clean

Who wants to move into a new storage unit that isn’t clean? Before moving, it’s important to visit your storage unit to make sure there aren’t any cracks, leaks, or damage that may have been from a previous renter. Once you’ve done that, you can clean and sanitize the area.

The cleaning doesn’t stop there. You’ll also want to clean everything you plan on storing too. That means washing clothes, scrubbing furniture, and wiping down appliances. The last thing you want to do is store something dirty and have it collect more dirt and dust.


Prioritize your packing

Now, this is when your inventory list comes in handy. You can now go through it and mark the items you think you’ll need to access often. It’s important those items are in the front, so they don’t get lost with everything else. If you know for certain you won’t need something for a while, then make life easier and put it towards the back.

One of the best ways to do this is also by being as detailed as possible. Use sharpies, highlighters, sticky notes, or whatever you need to remind yourself where everything is. Be intentional with your packing. Making sure things stay together will be extremely helpful in the long run.


Prepare for moving day

So, everything is finally in order. You are now ready to make the big move. Depending on how much you are moving, you may be able to do it yourself. If not, storage facilities such as StorageBlue may offer U-Haul rentals on-site. However, you decide, using carts and hand trucks can be helpful for large items.


Build from the bottom up

Now on to the fun part – getting everything inside your storage unit. Did you know packing vertically can help maximize your staff? Stacking your boxes with the heaviest items at the bottom will allow you to build. It’s even a great way to make room to have a small walkway.

Depending on your storage needs, you can even consider using temporary shelving. All you need is a drill to hang hooks for miscellaneous items that aren’t heavy.

Now you are ready to go! This quick and easy guide will help make the process smooth and efficient. Also, don’t feel pressure to do it all in one day. If you can move over time, that’s even better. Really take the time to organize your belongings. In the end, that will help give you the best results.

We not only want to guide you in the process, but we also want to be the storage facility you decide to call home. StorageBlue offers some of the best storage solutions for the New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas.

Classic Storage Hacks For Your Queens Apartment

Classic Storage Hacks For Your Queens Apartment

When finding an apartment in New York City – or more specifically Queens – what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is there a dealbreaker or something that you absolutely cannot live without? If you ask us, we will say one of the most important things is space. If you live in the tri-state area, then you know that this can be a tough one. Even if you have all the storage techniques in the world, finding the balance of storage in Queens can be hard.

We understand that storage in Queens may be a challenge, but we do not want that to be a reason to walk away from a potentially perfect home for you. That is why we put together this list of classic storage hacks to help save you the trouble of missing out on a great apartment due to a lack of storage. Learn all about how sticking to these rules can set you up for success.


Ditch the Duplicates

We will start you off slow with a simple classic rule – get rid of anything that seems redundant. You may find yourself moving in with a roommate and realize you both have coffee makers or more than one television. The best thing to do is to take inventory and consolidate in order to free up space quickly.

Create Designated Spaces

The key to staying organized is to make sure that everything in your home has a place. Without a storage system, you can potentially waste a lot of space by taking up real estate in your closet, on your shelves, or in your garage. If you are lucky enough to secure a spacious Queens home, then you should create a plan to organize each room in a functional manner.

Get a Storage Unit

Of course, this is our favorite storage hack. You cannot go wrong with booking your own storage unit outside your home to allow your living space to stay organized and clear. Think about how great you would feel to know your belongings are being stored in their own secure storage unit in New Jersey. Read up about what should and should not go in your storage unit, and move forward knowing that you will have a sense of freedom and peace of mind. This would also go hand and hand with your archive, you can place those pieces in your storage unit when they are not being used.

Enjoy Queens living to the fullest by reserving a storage unit in New Jersey at one of our facilities. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your opportunity to live in such an amazing borough. Even if you are just in town for a little while, StorageBlue is known for its affordable storage units for short-term and long-term purposes. Skip over the expensive and small storage in Queens and give us a call today.

Living a Minimalist Life with a Storage Unit
Living a Minimalist Life with a Storage Unit

Living a Minimalist Life with a Storage Unit

We have all heard the expression ‘less is more’. Now ask yourself, are you living by these words when it comes to your home? Have you reached the point where you realized that your life feels better off with less stuff? Here is a simple way to put it – the less you stuff you have, the less clutter you have. This can be especially true if you live in a small home in New York or New Jersey.


Peace of Mind

Think about the joy you will have without worrying and stressing about clutter. It is easy to look around and feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning and straightening up. With your extra belongings out of sight, you will see an improvement in your home and even your mental health instantly.


Try New Things

With less things at home, it will force you to get out and explore. Do not miss out on all the fun activities going on during the summer by obsessing over keeping your home clean. The more time you spend taking adventures outside of your home, the less time you will have to accumulate clutter. Use your free time experiencing the world outside of your home rather than staying home and obsessing over keeping things clean.


Save Money

Many people consider a minimalist lifestyle for different reasons, and one might be related to finances. Buying things to fill up your home can quickly add up. Instead of spending money on household items, you can put your money towards a storage unit. Also, why spend all that money on a storage unit in Brooklyn when you can save even more with a unit in New Jersey. Then after that, any extra money you have you can save, pay your credit card balance, and even student loans.


Boost Your Productivity

A clear space will lead to a clear mind, and with a clear mind, you can focus on the more important things. Especially if you are a business owner, keeping your home space clear and organized can help your business growhelp your business grow. With less of your belongings at home and in the office, you can take more meetings and host events in your clean-and-clutter-free minimalist space.


More Free Time

Who does not want extra time to do more of what they love? If you do not have to worry about constantly cleaning and organizing, you will be able to spend more time doing what you want. No more wasting time thinking about all the chores and organizing there is to do.

Kick-off your new minimalist lifestyle by securing a storage unit in New Jersey at one of our amazing facilities. A storage unit in Manhattan can be small and expensive, so why not book a storage unit in New Jersey instead. Contact us online, in-person, or by phone we make storage easy for all.

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Self Storage
5 Secret-Techniques-To-Improve-Your-Self-Storage

Having a storage unit can truly be a game-changer. It is a great way to improve your quality of life and relieve stress. A storage unit should be looked at as an investment in your space and sanity. Whether you are a business owner or just need extra space at your New Jersey home, having more space outside of your everyday environment can solve a lot of problems.

Keeping your storage organized and clutter-free is key to maximizing your space and using your storage unit to its fullest potential. With that being said, it is worth putting in the extra time to determine the best method to pack and store your belongings. Depending on the size of your unit, you may not have a ton of space so why not make the most of what you have!

Organizing is not something that comes easy to everyone, so we are sharing our five secret techniques on how to improve your storage unit in New Jersey.

Leave A Path

Being able to access your belongings is very important so use whatever room you have to create a small path. Having a path will make it easier for moving your items in and out without a hassle. You want your visit to your storage unit to feel pleasant. You should feel relieved to have a place to store your belongings. Imagine the stress and anxiety you will feel to walk into a unit that is completely packed with little room to move.

Clean As You Go

It does not matter if you are storing things for the long term or short-term, by making a point to clean and organize your storage unit every time you visit, you can save yourself time and energy in the future. The more you keep things clean, the more you will have potential room for growth.

Hanging vs. Boxing

The first thing people purchase to store items is usually boxes. Have you ever considered hangings things instead? Using hooks to hang certain things like jackets, other clothing, fabrics, and decorations can free up a lot of floor space. They even make great hooks that are easy to hang and remove.

Vertical Storage

Piggybacking off our previous point, hanging things and stacking your storage unit is a great solution for the organization. Experts always say that adding shelves to space can go a long way. Pile up boxes and furniture when you can to take advantage of all the space you have.

Make A Spreadsheet

If you stay organized from the start, you will not have to worry about losing track of things. Take inventory of what you are storing and write it out on a spreadsheet so that you can manage what is staying, going, and being thrown away.

If you are ready to invest in a storage unit, make sure you give us a call. Do not waste another day living with unwanted clutter and book a storage unit at StorageBlue today. At our facilities, we put our customers first and promise to treat your belongings as if they were our own.

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Most Common Items Put in Storage
Self Storage in Garfield NJ - Most Common Items Put in Storage

Most Commons Items Put in Storage

Space, we can never seem to get enough of it. We are constantly looking for different ways to consolidate or throw out items we no longer need. Can you take a guess what some of the most popular items are that people put in their self-storage? Here are seven common items in self-storage.

Holiday Decorations

Since holidays only come up once in a while, putting them in a self-storage unit out of the way is a good idea. It is the best way to keep them out of the way and save yourself from using up space in your basement, attic, or garage. All of those Halloween items, Easter eggs and baskets, special Hannukah dishes and decorations can all afford to sit in your storage unit until they are needed.


When clothing begins to take over your closet, you may need to re-evaluate which items you really need. Maybe you have maternity clothes you’ll use again, or you’re experiencing weight loss or gain. Putting these clothes into a self-storage unit will allow you to have your wardrobe organized and waiting for whenever you are ready for them.


Collecting beautiful décor can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes there is not always room to display it all. A lot of these antiques may hold sentimental value so instead of putting them in your next garage sale, place them in a climate-controlled storage unit where they will be safe and sound.

Paper Work

As much as we try to be paperless, we end up with hard copy personal documents that cannot be disposed of. Documents like your tax returns, bank statements, business expenses, medical bills, or receipts you will need for the future. Instead of keeping them all in your home, storing them in your self-storage unit can serve as another safe space to hold them.

Old Furniture

The furniture we need and use often depends on our lifestyle during that time. For the students returning home from college with extra furniture, or the family planning to downsize their home, you do not have to feel stuck with the option of getting rid of it. Instead, you can put it in your self-storage where they are safe and available.

These just happen to be the most common items you will find a self-storage unit useful for. There are plenty of other items you can think of, and StorageBlue may be the perfect place for you!

Spring Clean Your Home and Your Life with this Easy Method – Storage Units
Spring Clean Your Home and Your Life with this Easy Method

Spring cleaning… you hate it, but you love it. You hate having to go through the process of digging through your belongings, but you love the feeling it gives you after knowing that you are one step closer to getting organized!

We are just a few weeks away from the start of spring – who else is counting like us! Before the weather gets nice and distracts you from cleaning, get a head start and think about what you can do. You know what they say, “Out with the old, in with the new!”

Step one – do not procrastinate. While that is easier said than done, putting off your annual purge can potentially stop you from doing it all together. Instead, try to think ahead to how liberating and satisfying you will feel about your “fresh” start. And while you are cleaning your home, why not clean out your life too! Do not just limit this concept to your home, shed some dead weight in your life too. 

Popular cleaning expert Marie Kondo swears by her “KonMari” method, which suggests if the item does not bring you joy, let it go. Easy and simple, right? For some, yes, but sometimes spring cleaning can become a little more complex so we decided to modify her concept a bit and add another answer, a “maybe.” We understand that sometimes it is not easy to part ways with your belongings so instead of having to make that permanent decision, this is a great time to put them in a storage unit instead.

The benefit to having a storage unit is the flexibility it gives you. Having the ability to store your items away for a brief period of time without making the permanent commitment of ridding yourself completely can help your spring cleaning process move along a little smoother.

We challenge everyone reading this to give it a try this weekend! Hopefully this updated “KonMari” method will have you less stressed and more excited about tidying up for a cleaner, happier home and life!