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Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City
Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City

Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking For Storage In Jersey City

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility and stuff! It is not uncommon to wonder, do I possibly have too much? You are not alone and we are here to share some great reasons why a storage unit may be a life changing solution for your business. Whether you are working out of your home or an office building, having extra space never hurts.

These are our tips on how your business can benefit from a storage unit for your Jersey City home or office.

Guaranteed Safety For Your Belongings

No matter what your industry is, safety is a top priority. Store your inventory away without worrying. The great thing about having a storage unit is that they are in secured buildings to ensure no one can access your items except for you. 

Scaling Your Business

Due to COVID-19, it has been a difficult time for many businesses, especially small businesses. If your business has been impacted and you had to downsize your office space, a storage option may be a great option for you. While you are saving on the cost of rent for an office space, you can put it towards a storage unit instead.

Provide Room For Growth

You may only have one business location right now but having a storage unit allows for more opportunities for growth. If space is a concern of yours, knowing that you have extra room outside of your space will help ease you during any plans for expansion. Consider your storage unit as insurance for any items you decide to shift around.

After reading this article you may decide it is time to get a storage unit after all. The good news is, we have a storage facility located in Jersey City. We have various unit sizes to choose from so give us a call today and let us help you.

Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment
Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment

Preparing To Move Out Of Your Hoboken Apartment

Moving out can be quite a process especially if you are renting. You will want to make sure you leave your place clean so that you can get your security deposit back. Think about exactly how spotless your apartment was before you moved in and how you will want to leave it in the same condition for the next renter.

If you need advice on how to have an organized, smooth, and hassle free move, look no further and check out our moving checklist tips!

Make A Decision About Your Lease

For most renters, landlords will ask about 30 to 60 days out if you are planning to renew your lease. If not, then you are required to give them notice that you will be moving out. The sooner you make this decision, the better. Once you have decided to leave, you should take a close look at your lease to understand how you can get your security deposit back.


Make your move a little lighter by getting rid of things before you move. Instead of bringing your belongings to your new home and having to sort them out there, get it out of the way now. It will save you boxes and help give you an idea of all the packing you have to do. 

Leave It Spotless

If you leave your apartment as clean as possible, there will be little reason for your landlord to not give your security deposit back. You should take care of projects like touching up chipped paint, washing the walls, and patching up nail holes. Do as much as you can to restore your apartment to its original condition. 

Do A Final Walkthrough

You and your landlord might have different standards when it comes to cleaning. To avoid any confusion, have your landlord or superintendent accompany you on a final walkthrough to see the condition you are leaving the apartment in. That way if any issues come up, you can reference the final walkthrough and any photos or videos you have of the apartment.

As you move out of your apartment, you might consider storing some of your belongings instead of bringing them to your next place. We have some good news for you, we have a Hoboken storage facility that would be happy to help you out! Whether it is for short term or long term storage, our safe and clean facilities will be the perfect place to house your things.

How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home
How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home

How To Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your North New Jersey Home

At the start of a new year, you may feel energized and motivated to tackle the clutter in your home. You might have found that spending most of 2020 working from home and entertaining your kids has made you interested in exploring new storage ideas. The good news is, we can help you identify some easy storage ideas to help your rooms feel less crowded.

Check out these quick storage solutions on how you can add storage space to any room in your home.

Use Your Furniture

The great thing about furniture is that a lot of pieces can be used in unconventional ways. In your living room, furniture like ottomans and coffee tables can serve multi-purposes of storing your belongings in plain sight. In your bedroom, you can also consider raising your bed to use the space underneath or use drawers to create more room in your closet.

Organize Your Kids Toy Areas

If you do not have a playroom, it is easy to feel like your kids’ toys are taking over your home. Especially with everyone at home now, it is important to have a designated space in certain rooms for toy storage. Whether it is a basket or cubby, there are so many adorable systems that are also easily accessible for the kids.

Improve Your Bathroom Storage

Given that bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, you might find there is no perfect way to organize your bathroom. Get creative by using a shower caddie for your toiletries and cute baskets for your towels. Our suggestion for the bathroom is finding a way to keep things hidden so you do not have a mess spilling out onto the counter.

If you are looking for a large and more permanent storage solution, contact us today. We have multiple locations in North Jersey that can help provide the extra space you need. Our safe, clean, and convenient facilities might be just what you need to start out the year.

Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State
Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State

Checklist for Moving to New Jersey from Another State

Welcome to the Garden State! Moving to a new state can be an exciting journey. From packing up your home to thinking about making new friends, you will have a long road ahead of you so planning will help keep things in order. Do not let the idea of moving stress you out, but instead prepare for a chance for a fresh start.

We put together this helpful checklist to help guide you on your move to New Jersey.

Visit Ahead Of Time

This is not mandatory but highly recommended. Having the opportunity to visit your future new home can help anticipate what is to come. You will be able to get a feel of your new community and get any additional information you need. Besides, it is also a great excuse to check out New Jersey and explore New York if you have time!

Create A Moving Budget

Moving can be expensive but especially if you are coming from another state. It is best to get an idea of how much you will spend on movers, supplies, and various other miscellaneous expenses that come up. Setting aside money will help keep you on track and prevent any unexpected costs. After creating your budget, you may find creative ways to cut back on moving expenses.

Do Your Research

The more prepared you are, the better. If you have children, you will want to look into the school system and determine the best choice for your kids. There is so much to learn about the wonderful state of New Jersey! 

New to the tri-state area and looking for a storage facility? Let us help make your home the space you dreamed of by getting some extra space. Contact us today and we can help you get a new storage unit today at one of our five locations. 

How To Share A Room With Your Baby In Your Jersey City Apartment
How To Share A Room With Your Baby In Your Jersey City Apartment

How To Share A Room With Your Baby In Your Jersey City Apartment

New parents have a lot on their hands to say the least. Preparing for life with a newborn can be quite a journey, and if a nursery in a room of its own is not an option for you, we have some great suggestions on how to share a room with your baby. Creating the perfect space for your bundle of joy will help bring you peace and allow you more time to bond and create beautiful memories.  

Whether you are downsizing or live in a small space, here are some great tips on how to create a functional bedroom space to share with your newborn.

Stick To A Minimalistic Plan

Between furniture, toys, and accessories the world minimalist may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a nursery. However, if you try and stick to a simpler plan for your new bedroom/nursery space you will find it can be extremely helpful. 

No Bulky Furniture

Since every square-foot counts, skipping the traditional changing table and rocking chair may be a good idea. Allow yourself some extra room by using a system that involves baskets, draws, and finding ways to consolidate instead. 

Be Flexible With Your Layout

You will not be able to pull this off without a plan. Consider identifying a specific nursery space and designate all baby-related items to that area. If you want to create a bit of separation, a curtain or bookshelf will serve as a great multi-purpose divider. It is also helpful to have various stations throughout the room so that things are more easily accessible.  

Babies tend to go through lots of clothes and toys so you may find yourself looking for some extra space. If that is the case, we have a location in Jersey City that is convenient and ready to store all your extra belongings! Give us a call today and learn more about our specials and services.

Welcome To The Neighborhood – Moving To Garfield, NJ
Welcome To The Neighborhood - Moving To Garfield, NJ

Welcome To The Neighborhood – Moving To Garfield, NJ

Congratulations, you are the new neighbor on the block! While it is an exciting time moving into your new home, you may also be feeling a bit overwhelmed by your new surroundings. Between meeting the neighbors, unpacking, and getting to know the area, there are a lot of things on your plate while you are moving. 

Let us help welcome you and guide you on how to get to know your new neighborhood and community. 

Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbors

It is always nice to get acquainted with your neighbors. If you are new to town, this is also a quick way to make some new friends. Try to find a friendly way to break the ice by asking a question or accepting an invitation to a neighbor’s holiday party. Try and work on establishing a good relationship and trust with your new neighbors, it will pay off in the long run.

Learn About The Local Entertainment

Check out the local attractions to find out more about what exciting things go on in your new community. Use tools like Google and Yelp to help get familiar with your area. Whether you enjoy sports, fine dining, theater, or live music, there is certainly something out there that will catch your attention.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Breathe, smile, and embrace the process! Be proud of yourself for moving to a new place and trying something different. You will be surprised how many new doors can open as long as you remain open and positive, and watch you feel at home right before you know it!

After you are settled in, come by to our Garfield location and get a new storage unit nearby. Our Garfield location is our newest one and promises to provide you with the extra space you are looking for.

Tips For Moving Into A Studio Apartment In Jersey City, NJ
Tips For Moving Into A Studio Apartment In Jersey City, NJ

Tips For Moving Into A Studio Apartment In Jersey City, NJ

There are plenty of pros and cons to living in a studio department. There are some studio spaces that are quite large and spacious while others might be smaller. No matter which size studio you have, it is important to organize your belongings in order to use your space efficiently.  

These tips on how to keep your space organized are perfect for new renters moving to Jersey City, NJ.

Consider Doing A Purge

This is a favorite of ours! Sometimes there is something very therapeutic about going through your stuff and deciding what to get rid of. Whether you are throwing things in the trash, or donating, the first step is to go through everything and decide. Doing a purge will help you not only organize but also prioritize.

Choose Smaller Furniture

A great way to make the most of your space is by using furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, if you have a lot of company over, getting a couch that turns into a sofa bed is a smart move. You might also opt for compact chairs and nesting tables to help preserve space.

Recreate Your Closet

Closet space is usually a big deal not just for women, but for men too. If your closet is on the smaller side, consider removing your doors and creating an exposed closet. For those who do not have a closet, consider adding furniture like a dresser or garment rack to display your clothes in a fashionable way.

Choose Vertical Storage

If you do not already do this, you should take full advantage of the wall space in your new apartment. Hanging photos, shelves, and plants will help make your home feel more spacious.

If you decide you need some extra space after you move, we can provide you with a storage unit. We have a location in Jersey City and four other locations in New Jersey to supply you with a place to store your extra belongings. Give us a call and secure your new storage unit today!

How To Make Your Move To Newark NJ During The Holidays Easy
How To Make Your Move To Newark NJ During The Holidays Easy

How To Make Your Move To Newark, NJ During The Holidays Easy

So you decided to move around the holidays and now you are filled with excitement, anxiety and maybe a little bit of stress which is totally understandable. Once the holiday season comes around, our lives are packed with events, gift shopping, and holiday parties. Now on top of that, you have to pack up your home and prepare to move to your new home in Newark, NJ. 

Let us guide you on how to streamline your moving process while planning for the holidays. 

Labeling Is Essential

As you pack up your home and prepare to move, use this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. This is the perfect time to organize your belongings and determine what you can pack up for the season to put in storage while swapping out what you need. Avoid taking multiple trips to your storage unit by grabbing your holiday items while you store your belongings. 

Only Purchase The Essentials

Moving is always a great time to purge. Focus on getting rid of old things and only buying the things you plan to use immediately. With gift-giving season around the corner, throw some home items on your wish list instead of spending your own money. After the holiday season, you may find yourself with extra cash or gift cards to use so hold off on what you can.

Update Your Moving Address

This is always important but even more important during the holidays. Luckily the USPS makes the steps very easy so you can head to their website to learn more.

New to the area and need a storage unit in Newark? Let us help you today! We have a location in Newark and four other locations in New Jersey to help provide you with extra space — or to store your belongings during the holiday season. Once you are settled in, give us a call and let us set you up with more space today.

Union City Movers: Here Are Important Questions To Ask On Moving Day
Union City Movers: Here Are Important Questions To Ask On Moving Day

Union City Movers: Here Are Important Questions To Ask On Moving Day

So the big day is finally here! After spending months preparing and finding the perfect company to help move you into your new home, you are excited the time has finally come. You selected a company that is professional and has great credentials, but now that the day is here, there are still some questions on your mind.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself before and after the company arrives on moving day.

Do I have their contact information?

This is crucial! It is important to make sure you are able to get in touch with the driver should there be any issues. Say they are running late or you make it to your new home first, having contact information will help save you unwanted stress. Afterall, these are the people you are trusting with your belongings! 

When are they expected to arrive?

A lot of times, companies will give you a window to work with when it comes to delivery. As we mentioned above, if you have their contact information then they should be keeping you up to date on when they will arrive. Imagine how frustrating it would be for them to be behind or ahead of schedule without you knowing. 

What is not included in the estimated price?

Avoid any surprise charges by completely understanding what moving services are included. Some additional costs may include extra extra boxes, assembling items, and using protective equipment. Knowing what is included will help you anticipate any extra charges to come on moving day.

How are they staying safe?

Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, you want to make sure the company you are using has safety regulations they are abiding by. Are they wearing masks? Are they practicing social distancing? These are all things that you should ask.

For all your extra belongings you do not want to bring to your new home, consider putting them in a storage unit. If you are new to Union City and looking for a storage company, give us a call today so we can help get you a storage unit at one of Union City, New Jersey location. 

Organization Tips For Your Garage In Jersey City
Organization Tips For Your Garage In Jersey City

Organization Tips For Your Garage In Jersey City

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage so if you do, the extra space is certainly a luxury. With so many people spending time at home, you may find yourself doing more organizing than usual. The garage where you once parked your car may now be filled with old furniture or even serving as a home gym. 

No matter what you decide to do with your storage space, these are great tips for your garage in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Figure Out How To Use Your Garage

There are so many options on how you can use your garage space. Most people can easily allow their garage to turn into a blackhole which is why you need a system to avoid that from happening. Spending the time to brainstorm and confirm how exactly to use your garage will be worth it in the end.

Purge What You Can

Sometimes it is easiest to start with identifying the things that you do not want. Take inventory of everything in your garage and decide what needs to stay and what can go. That will help give you an idea of how much space you actually have to work with.

Decide Your Organizing System

When it comes to organizing, you can take the horizontal or vertical route depending on the size of your garage. Cabinets and shelves are always a good idea! Cabinets are a great way to have discrete hidden storage, while shelves are a great way for quick access to your items.

Categorize Your Items

Once you decide on the best organizing system, do not just toss them into bins. It is best to group things together so that they are easy to locate when necessary. If you have the time, consider using a label maker in order to know exactly where you placed everything. 

For all those extra items you are looking to remove from your garage, bring them over to our storage facility in Jersey City. We would be happy to safely store your belongings! Give us a call today and set you up with a storage unit.

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